Monday, October 31, 2016

Flat Me Example

Material or Non-material
Why I picked the item
Item 1: Volleyball
Materialistic Culture
It's something that is very important to me and I play it daily.
Item 2: Cross
Non- Materialistic Culture
Christianity is my religion and it's something that I have always grown up with. It helps lead me through decisions in my everyday life.
Item 3: Hospital SymbolNon- Materialistic CultureBecoming a doctor is a future goal that I have. It keeps me focused on my grades.
Item 4: BeyonceNon- Materialistic CultureBeyonce is my favorite music artist. Her music makes me feel confident. 
Item 5: Macaroni and CheeseMaterialistic Macaroni and Cheese is my favorite food. It is also something my family eats on a regular basis and it s apart of our hertiage.
Item 6: Columbia South CarolinaMaterialisticI'v been born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.
Item 7: NailsMaterialistic I have a hobby of doing my nails anytime I can. I love painting my nails and adding designs.
Item 8: I phoneMaterialistic My phone is very important for me to always have on me. I use my phone all the time for communication and fun.
Item 9: DressMaterialistic My favorite thing to wear anywhere are dresses. I even love wearing dresses in the winter.
Item 10: ChristmasNon- Materialistic Christmas is very important holiday in my family and my religion. We have traditions for Christmas like opening 1 present at midnight. 
I choose my home as my cultural landscape because everything thing that I do, wear, and eat starts at my home. I also choose that as my cultural landscape because that's where I practice my religion. It's where I pray and read the bible other than at Church. My home is where I start everyday before I leave to go somewhere. Also, my home is where my family meets and comes together and practice my religion. Lastly, I chose my home as a my cultural landscape is because it's where I learn new traditions and spend time with my family.

My home fits my cultural landscape because it's where I am able to practice my different hobbies like nail designs. It also fits my cultural landscape because its where I celebrate my favorite holiday, Christmas, which is an important holiday to my family. At my home is where I eat my favorite foods like, macaroni and cheese and fried chicken. Lastly, my home fits my cultural landscape because it's where I learn news things about myself and my religion.

Finally, my home is important to me because it's where I am able to practice goals that I have in the future like becoming a doctor. In my home I am pushed to do my best in school and everything else that I do so I can have a good future. My home is also important to me because its where I get to work on my skills in volleyball where I can learn how to become better at something I love to do. Lastly, my home is very important to me because its where I can be myself.

Other examples

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Spring Valley High #Photojournalism Post

What is happening in the picture? Why did you take this photo?
This is a picture of Spring Valley High School. I teach World Geography and AP Human Geography. SVH is a big part of my life due to me being a teacher. I spend more time here than I do at home during the school year. When I took this picture it was cold outside but the sun was so bright. It was a crisp morning and the lesson for the day took the students outside for what was essentially a photowalk.

How is it related to geography?
When I think about how this photo is related to geography I think about all of the activity that happens in a day at a school. Students move about from class to class, share their stories, learn new things about all content areas. A school is the hub of student and teen life for 9 months out of the year.

Which of the 5 themes of Geography does this photo connect with and how?
There are a number of themes this photo fits in to but I am going to talk about Movement, specifically the movement of exchange of ideas. On a daily basis ideas, learning, and even gossip is exchanged in this building. The exchange happens between but is not limited to students, teacher to student, student to teacher, and teacher to teacher. With the change to 1:1 with every student having a device we also see an exchange of information and learning through the internet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#Photojournalism Project Example Entry

What is happening in the picture?
Why did you take this photo?
This picture was taken on my way to a Saturday morning Professional Development session at USC. It was a cup of coffee from drip on main one of my favorite coffee shops in downtown Columbia. Something about this cup of coffee made me think of the geography session I was about to attend. I wasn't thinking about connecting the coffee to geography at the time but I was thinking about how the coffee was going to help me through the morning especially a Saturday morning.

How is it related to geography?
This cup of coffee is related to geography in so many ways. Many of which we have not discussed in class yet but that will not stop me from going in to more detail. First, let's talk about the coffee itself. Coffee beans do not grow in South Carolina but it is something I drink on a regular basis. Through globalization coffee is available to me through modern agricultural practices. Corporations market coffee to use in a way that we HAVE to have it. Coffee is also a part of our culture. It identifies us as Americans. We associate our morning rush with coffee.

Now let's look at the cup. We have created a disposable world with our drive thru's and pick up windows. We are a society that is constantly on the run. The cup is made of paper and biodegradable but it begs us to ask about all of the garbage we create and if our disposable world is sustainable. Are we all doing our part to recycle? Are businesses providing recyclable products for carryout? Is this causing an increase in takeout prices?

Which of the 5 themes of Geography does this photo connect with and how?
The theme of geography I have selected to fit this picture is Human Environment Interaction (HEI). This theme is encompasses many parts of this photo. The farmers interact with the environment to grow the coffee beans which are roasted and ground to become the coffee we all love. HEI is also prominent on the back end of coffee drinking. What do we do with the cup when we are finished drinking? Does the business or your community offer a way for you to recycle that cup?

#Photojournalism Project

It's time to start the semester project!!!! Whohooo!

Geography is everywhere. As we move further along in the semester, you will begin to see geography in your daily activities. It’s time to start capturing those activities....

How will you do that, you ask? You will take a weekly photo and write a reflection blog post on how it relates to World Geography. We have all ready talked about a number of things like the 5 themes of Geography, maps, different parts of the physical earth, etc. As we move through the rest of the class, it's important that you start to see the geography all around you. We will be talking about population and migration or the movement of people, as well as, culture, political geography, industrialization and development, agriculture/food, rural and urban land use. You will have plenty of opportunities to see geography.

So what are you going to do?
1. Take a few photos a week that remind you of something about Geography
2. Select one you want to write about.
3. Create a blog post with the photo and the answers to the following questions.
What is happening in the picture? Give us the context. Why did you take this photo?
How is it related to geography?
Which of the 5 themes of Geography does this photo connect with and how?
4. Be sure to tag/label the post with the following #WG_SVH_PJP
5. Publish your blog!

Take a look at some of the student blogs #WG_SVH_PJP is the hashtag for the posts!

When are they blog posts due?
Weekly on Wednesdays starting Wednesday, February 23 - We will write the first two blog posts in class for bell work. Want to see an example I created? Here is another.

How will you be graded?
15 points per weekly blog post.

Title and Tag: 3 points
Students need to create an appropriate title for each blog post and have the label/tag #WG_SVH_PJP

Overview: What is happening in the picture? Give us the context. Why did you take this photo?
A one paragraph summary of the photo. Summary paragraph: Be sure to answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where and why in your paragraph.
0 points
Connection does not fit the photo or is only listed.
Section not answered.
2 points
Overview paragraph does not answer who, what, when, where or why. Or is not a paragraph just a couple sentences.
Minimal sentence structure or spelling errors.
4 points
Overview is a paragraph answering a few of the who, what, when, where and why.
Minimal errors.
6 points
Overview is an in depth paragraph answering who, what, when, where, and why.
Proper sentence structure and no spelling errors.

Parts that Connect: How is it related to geography?
Which of the 5 themes of Geography does this photo connect with and how?
Student makes connections from the photo to one of the 5 themes of geography or something we have studied in class. The connection is clearly explained. At least 1 paragraph.
0 Points
Connection does not fit the photo or is only listed.
Section not answered.
2 points
Connection is listed but not explained and loosely fits with the photo.
4 points
Connections paragraph connects this article to one of the 5 themes of geography AND content we have studied in class but does not give examples or explain the connection. (Does not answer how it connects.) Shows a good correlation to between the connection and the photo.
6 Points
Connections paragraph clearly connects this article to one of the 5 themes of geography AND content we have studied in class by giving examples and explaining the connection. (How does it connect?) Shows a strong correlation to between the connection and the photo.

What are some tips and tricks to help you out?

Take More Than One Photo
Be sure to take more than one photo. The photo you intended to be the one for the blog post may not be the one that gives you the words you need to reflect. Take a few of different images of things going on throughout the week and select the photo when you are writing the post. 

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute
Don't wait to take your photo until Tuesday with the post being due on Wednesday. Let this be a thoughtful process. 

Blogger app (Android) 
Place the blogger app on your phone and log in using your school login. This will allow you to take photos and upload them to a post from your phone. You can then write the post on your phone and publish or save it to draft and finish it on your computer

BlogTouch FREE version (iOS)
Blogger is suddenly missing from the iOS app store. This will at least help you get photos from your phone to a post. 
iOS users can also create a folder in Google Drive called Blog Photos and upload them to the Google Drive folder to add to your blog later. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Can you believe we are 4 weeks in to the school year?

The time is already flying by! What have we been up to the last four weeks? Where to begin...
We described what geography is through images. 

Then analyzed and reflected on everyone's work. 
 A couple District Office employees visited our classroom to talk about Geographic Information Systems and how our district uses it to make running the school district easier.
We dabbled in ArcGIS online.

 We've learned using different styles including blended learning with 
Discovery Education Streaming.
We are teaching each other with #PaperSlide videos. 
 Teaming up is the way to make it happen. 
 As Fantasy Football begins across the country, we drafted our teams for Fantasy Geopolitics. Our teams consist of 3 countries per person. We follow our team in the news and can make trades or drop countries as news happens. 
We are rounding out the week with a little speed dating, "Notable Geographer Speed Dating."
What an amazing first 4 weeks! Let's see what the coming weeks hold for us. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Parents: I need your permission -!

First off, I would like to welcome you and your child to my class. I will be sending a lot of information home over the next week. This blog will be a great location to see what is happening in our classroom. You can also check out our class page. (

The reason for this post is we would like to use a website called! to gather and share links for our class. I would like all of my students to use their Richland Two Google apps accounts to link to! As I read the Terms of Service, I noticed your child will need your permission to create an account.  The terms state:
  1. The Service is not intended for children under 13. By using the Service, you are representing that you are at least 18, or that you are at least 13 years old and have your parents’ permission to use the Service.
If you could please, take a moment to look at! and the Terms of Service and then fill out this form letting me know if your child has permission to create an account. If you do not wish to give permission an alternative option will be created for your child.

Please fill out this form by August 28, 2015.
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So this happened.

So this happened today. I picked up the key to my new classroom. Walking in I felt this sense of belonging and excitement to make it mine. It will be interesting to see what I can do to this traditional looking classroom.
My mind is reeling of grant ideas on how to update the seating in this classroom. As you can see the desks are attached to the chairs. It doesn’t assist with the ease of  movement but I have seen ways teachers make it work.
The first thing that is going are the rows of desks. I will most likely group them in 4s to start. The teacher who left the room did leave a couple interesting tables in the room that I think I can DIY for a standing table and a collaboration space.
What is my vision? 
Unlimited. I want to see a space that will meet the needs of all of my students based on how they feel when they walk in the room. I envision a few standing desks/tables with a few chairs/stools; a couple lower tables with chairs; a few individual student desks; and maybe a campfire table with comfortable chairs around it. The room does have 5 whiteboards so I can build collaboration spaces around the boards. I would even LOVE to have a few FitDesks to allow movement even when students have to sit.
Can I make my vision come to fruition? 
I hope so. This is where you come in… If you have disposable cash to fund a project like this let’s talk. If you have funding sources or grants you know of PLEASE share. I am not afraid to ask/beg for funding.
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