Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#Photojournalism Project Example Entry

What is happening in the picture?
Why did you take this photo?
This picture was taken on my way to a Saturday morning Professional Development session at USC. It was a cup of coffee from drip on main one of my favorite coffee shops in downtown Columbia. Something about this cup of coffee made me think of the geography session I was about to attend. I wasn't thinking about connecting the coffee to geography at the time but I was thinking about how the coffee was going to help me through the morning especially a Saturday morning.

How is it related to geography?
This cup of coffee is related to geography in so many ways. Many of which we have not discussed in class yet but that will not stop me from going in to more detail. First, let's talk about the coffee itself. Coffee beans do not grow in South Carolina but it is something I drink on a regular basis. Through globalization coffee is available to me through modern agricultural practices. Corporations market coffee to use in a way that we HAVE to have it. Coffee is also a part of our culture. It identifies us as Americans. We associate our morning rush with coffee.

Now let's look at the cup. We have created a disposable world with our drive thru's and pick up windows. We are a society that is constantly on the run. The cup is made of paper and biodegradable but it begs us to ask about all of the garbage we create and if our disposable world is sustainable. Are we all doing our part to recycle? Are businesses providing recyclable products for carryout? Is this causing an increase in takeout prices?

Which of the 5 themes of Geography does this photo connect with and how?
The theme of geography I have selected to fit this picture is Human Environment Interaction (HEI). This theme is encompasses many parts of this photo. The farmers interact with the environment to grow the coffee beans which are roasted and ground to become the coffee we all love. HEI is also prominent on the back end of coffee drinking. What do we do with the cup when we are finished drinking? Does the business or your community offer a way for you to recycle that cup?

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